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Scripts is the most complex part of StereoMerger, but still it shouldn't be too hard to understand.

Scripts in Stereomerger is a set of filters/actions that are executed in order. These scripts can be used once, or they can be reused and run on batches of images.

When a scripts is started, it starts using the original image. This way, you can run the script, do adjustments, and rerun the scripts. Running the exact same script twice will just give the same result as if you runned it once..

One script can call other scripts too, so the possibilities here are "endless".


Edit script

To edit a script, select a script from the script-selector and press the edit-button .

Create new script

To create a new script, select "- Add new script -" in the script-selector and press the edit-button .

Export a script

To export a script, open up that script and press the Export-button in the script editor.
A fileselector will be opened, and you can now save the script to a file.
This can be used simply as a backup, or it could be e-mailed to your friends or put on the internet.

Import a script

To import a script you've downloaded, select "- Import -" in the script-selector and a file selector opens up.
Find the script and press Import script.
The imported script will be opened.

Delete a script

To delete a script, you must open up the script and press the delete-button in the script editor.
A confirmation box will appear.

Duplicate a script

To duplicate a script, you must open up the script and press the duplicate-button in the script editor.

The script editor

The script editor contains a controller-line at the top, and the rest of the window is used to display the filters that makes up the script.

At the top you'll find:

  • The script-name
  • Delete-button
  • Duplicate-button
  • Save As / Export-button
  • Add filter-button
  • Apply script-button
  • Save and close-button
  • Close-button
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